Dog Bites Officer In Calf During a Search

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Officer Gets Bit by K-9 Dog While Searching for Gun

When you’re a policeman and working with the K-9 dogs, you learn to trust and rely on them just as you would your human partner. Policemen have the upmost respect for the K-9 dogs. It was quite shocking when a Los Angeles Police Officer veteran was pretty severely injured after a police dog had bit him in his calf as they were searching for a missing shotgun in South LA, according to the Los Angeles Department Officials.

The police officers were looking through the streets located near the South Vermont Avenue and West Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard after the locking mechanism broke and then the officer’s shotgun fell off of a police motorcycle on a Thursday afternoon.

Police Dog Brought in to Find Shotgun

The K-9 police dog was brought in to help assist in the search of the shot gun according to Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Lt. Andy Neiman, however at some point the K-9 dog for whatever reason bit the veteran officer. ¬†According to the police officials, the K-9 had bit a pretty significant part of the officer’s leg. Luckily the injured officer’s partner was at the scene and with his quick thinking was able to help save the veteran officer. The partner ran and quickly got the first aid trauma kit. It’s lucky he had one, because only one of 8,000 that the Police Commission approved for the officers earlier in the year. The officer was able to make a tourniquet and that probably saved the veterans life.

There is no news about why the dog might have attacked or what the officials are doing with the dog. Most first bite incidents put the dog in quarantine for 10 days. Not sure how it works with Police dogs though.

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