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Dog Stabbing Might Have Been in Self Defense

Pit Bull Dog Stabbing Could Have Been in Self Defense


A dog collar may have just saved the life of a pit bull who was stabbed several times. The pit bull had to have at least a thousand stitches to recover. However, the police have stated that this may have been an act of self defense instead of animal cruelty.


The pit bull dog is a two year old male. His name is Spartacus. Spartacus had been repeatedly stabbed and hit over the head with a shovel near the dog owner’s home in Hyde Park near South Los Angeles.


Dog Owner’s Statement About the Stabbing

If I catch your dog, I’m going to kill him.’ That’s what he said, And he tried to make good of his word.


According to the dog’s owner, a neighbor had a injured Spartacus. While the suspect admitted to it, the female owner claims he had been threatening the dog in the past. The owner got a call about Spartacus getting attacked while she was at work. According to the caller, “this man is out here stabbing Sparky”.  Luckily Spartacus’ thick black collar saved him from death.


The incident was reported to the police and a nonprofit organization took Spartacus to a Vet Center to be taken care of. Where he also recieved his more than one thousand stitches.


Vet Clinic Volunteer’s Statement

It almost looks like they tried to cut his head off — it’s ear-to-ear. He … almost looks like an autopsy victim.

The male stabbing suspect admitted to hitting and kicking the dog. He even said that the blade “didn’t stop him but the shovel did”.  The man claims he was just protecting himself when the pit bull had attacked him and his own dog. When asked if he regretted how much he hurt the dog, he agreed that he did have regrets and claimed that he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

Police Statement about the Dog Stabbing

We understand that animals who are pictured with severe wounds can be very compelling and it is easy to make assumptions about their injuries. However, in this particular case, our animal cruelty experts believe that the investigation is revealing this is a case of self-defense by a person faced with a dog who was at-large and in attack mode.





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