The Downside of Bicycling’s Popularity - Increased Accidents

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Bicycling has enjoyed a rise in popularity in recent years due to more people recognizing it’s benefits, both health and financial. New York City alone plans to install 1,800 bike lane miles by 2030. With this increase in the number of riders there comes an unfortunate downside; bicycle accidents. With the number of accidents occurring, the NY police commissioner now views bike accidents like any other traffic accident or crime. “It’s not like shootings or robberies, but people are getting hurt,” an official said.

While big cities have unique potentials for bicycle accidents,they of course can occur any where a bicycle is ridden. This accident happened in an area that was chosen for its rural characteristics.

A Bicyclist and a Tricky Rural Intersection

A professional marathon runner, who was cross training on a bike at the time, died after her bike collided with a pickup truck in Arizona, police said.

The young woman was cross training on her road bike when the collision occurred at a tricky rural intersection in Maricopa. She had decided to train in the area because she considered it less risky than more urban areas. She failed to yield at a stop sign, according to city officials who investigated the fatality. Sometimes, cyclists and motorists each think they have the right of way, contributing to fatal incidents like this. She was just 27.

The driver showed no signs of impairment.

When questioned about the number of bicycle accident in his community, a local police officer responded, “cyclists have to realize they don’t have some of the protections afforded to you in a vehicle”. “It’s imperative to stop for stop signs and traffic signals. Failing to do so can lead to serious injury or even death.”

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