Driver Claims Bruce Jenner Crashed into His Vehicle

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Lawyer’s Duke It Out Over Who Is At Fault in Bruce Jenner Crash

Most have heard Bruce Jenner’s name in the news, on the internet and in the tabloid magazines before. However, here lately that name has been dropping out of everyone’s mouth. Whether it’s to talk about his family and the Kardashian’s, Bruce’s transformation to woman, or his most recent car accident, you’ve heard of him.

According to an attorney who is representing the driver of the “lead car” in a “chain-reaction crash” which involved Mr. Bruce Jenner is actually disputing the preliminary account of the crash. He claims that his client was actually hit by Bruce Jenner’s vehicle.

Female Driver Claims Bruce Jenner Rear-Ended Her Vehicle

Twenty-nine year old, Jessica Steindorff was reportedly driving her Toyota Prius to a meeting in the Zuma Beach area on Saturday afternoon. That is when the fatal crash had happened on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

Robert Simon, who is the woman’s attorney claims that Mr. Bruce Jenner’s Cadillac Escalade had rear-ended a white Lexus vehicle that was behind his client’s car.

After the incident, the Lexus was pushed into the oncoming traffic. The Lexus was sadly hit head on by another vehicle. According to Simon, the SUV of Bruce Jenner had continued and hit Steindorff’s vehicle.


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