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Breakfast Restaurant Gets Plowed by a Surprise Customer

On Saturday morning the customers at a La Mesa local breakfast restaurant got an early morning scare when a driver crashed into the side of the restaurant. The crash knocked down a wall and left debris as well as shattered glass everywhere. The incident happened at eight:fifty in the morning at The Omelette Factory located on Baltimore Drive. La Mesa Police Sgt. Jim Huggins says that the driver of the vehicle was trying to park in a parking spot but made a huge mistake while doing so.

Sgt. Huggins talks about the Restaurant Accident

The driver accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brakes.

Sgt. Jim Huggins stated that luckily no one inside of the restaurant was hit by the car. Everyone inside was lucky enough to only receive minor injuries, which included some scrapes, scratches, and bruises. The driver of the vehicle did not receive any injuries.

According to, Sgt. Jim Huggins, the crash is still under investigation at this time. However, the investigators do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor in this accident.


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