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Driver Crashes into Crowd in Her Hand Control Vehicle After Using Pain Medication

Driving using hand controls would be a hard thing to get used to. Driving a hand control vehicle while under the influence of over medicating is just just plain carelessness.  According to a report, a fifty-six year old driver crashed into a crowd of pedestrians. Her crash ended up killing three other women and leaving nine other people injured. A friend of the suspect told the police that her friend had took a significant amount of pain medication before operating her hand controlled vehicle.

56 year old Margo Bronstein was arrested at the scene of the crash which was near St. James Catholic Church on Wednesday evening. Bronstein was held on “suspicion of felony vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated”.

While it’s unclear of what Bronstien took, the police say that they do believe that she was under the influence of some prescription medication “at a minimum”.  Friends of the suspect say this was a shock, that she was not a drinker.

Eakin’s Statement About the Driver

Margo, we love you, we care about you, we hope you get through this. We’re really sorry to hear that it happened.

According to Eakin, who is a friend of Bronstien, she had been in a wheelchair most of her life. She had to have many hip and leg surgeries.

Eakin’s Statment about Bronstein

She takes a lot of pain medications, and she actually drives her vehicle with hand controls. She has no contact with the foot controls whatsoever. It is a possibility that there was maybe a use of narcotics or muscle relaxers that she had as a prescription medication.

According to the police, Bronstein’s white Sedan Saturn had went through two lanes of traffic that had been stopped at a red light on the Pacific Coast Highway. She then passed through the red light from a left-turn pocket.


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