Driver Fell Asleep at The Wheel and Kills a Bicyclist

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Bicyclist killed by Driver who Fell Asleep

A bicyclist was killed by a sixty-three year old man who fell asleep at the wheel. He drove into an oncoming lane then struck the bicyclist.

California Highway Patrol Officer, Trevor Smith stated that forty year old Joshua Alper was killed on impact. According to Smith, drugs and alcohol were not a factor in this case. The driver of the black 2013 Telsa S hasn’t been arrested on any charges as of right now, Smith plans to send his report to the District Attorney’s Office for the potential charges.

Smith stated that the man was driving on the northbound Highway 1 north of Dimeo Lane. At around 11:15 a.m. he crossed into the Southbound lane. He ended up driving up an embankment, down the embankment and then he was on the shoulder, heading straight when he hit the bicyclist head on in the bike lane.

According to Smith, the driver of the car was shaken up and in shock after the accident and was not injured.  Alper was wearing his helmet and was on a 10 ft. wide shoulder when he was hit. According to Smith, there was nothing Alper could have done to avoid the collision.

The CHP stated that Apler was cycling with three other people at the time. Two of those people were far in front of him and the other person was far behind. None of those people witnessed the crash. There were several witnesses that saw the crash, stopped and called 911.

According to CHP some of the witness’ thought that the driver might have been looking at his phone or texting, but later learned that was not the case.

The driver was cooperative and answered all the questions about what happened. The CHP’s initial report did determine that the driver did fall asleep at the wheel. His name has not been released yet due to the fact he hasn’t been arrested or charged with a crime.

On Monday the staff and faculty mourned the loss of Alper at UCSC. 

Burns’ statement about the death of the Bicyclist

He was very passionate about his job and took great joy in helping the faculty and students.The many people on campus who knew Josh were just devastated to hear the news of his death.

Alper’s friends described him as an avid cyclist and musician, he also had a quirky sense of humor.

Spokesman of Bicycles on Cathcart Avenue in Santa Cruz talks about Alper

He was a very kindhearted, sweetheart of a guy. He was very enthusiastic about life and anything he was into

When the other people around the bicycle shop heard about Alper’s death everybody shed some tears for the man. They said it was a “dark day” in the Santa Cruz cycling.

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