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Lyft Driver Injures a Woman in Pedestrian Accident

A Lyft driver struck, and injured an elderly woman in San Francisco on a Friday afternoon. Police state that the driver was turning left from Jackson Street and onto Larkin Street when she hit the pedestrian in the crosswalk.

The driver did stay on the scene and tried to help the woman before the emergency workers transported her to the San Francisco General Hospital. The victim was then treated for her lower leg injuries. The Lyft driver was not charged with anything.

San Francisco Officer states:

Look twice again and just make sure of your surroundings before you make the turn. Make sure it’s clear and I think everyone will be a little bit safer.

Friday’s incident follows a deadly New Year’s Eve crash. Police stat that the fifty-seven year old driver had struck and killed a six year old little girl names Sophie Liu. He also injured her four year old little brother. However, police did arrest the driver on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter.

Local news spoke with another Lyft driver who was in the are of the accident stated,  that their thoughts go out to the victim of the accident and the driver as well. The driver asked not to be identified due to the ongoing tension with the rideshares.

Police warn that “street safety is everyone’s responsibility.” Police officer Enea says that they get pedestrians that want to get somewhere quick then you get the drivers that want to get somewhere quick and they’re both not really paying attention. That’s when the accidents happen and pedestrian vehicle injuries occur.

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