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DUI Accident kills Two Young Women and Injures Others

Two young women were killed and three other people were hurt in an overnight car accident on the Los Angeles highway. Police say that the driver was driving under the inluence.

The two women were both in their early 20’s and heading northbound on the Pasadena Freeway when their car veered out of the lanes. The reasons for the car veering is unknown. The accident happened around 1: 30 on a Sunday morning.

The three survivors of the accident were very seriously hurt. The driver and four passengers had to be extricated out of the vehicle.

CHP Officer, Alex Rubio states: Officers did relay that it was a vehicle into a fence. The reason for that is undetermined at this time. He also said that the family and friends of the two women believe that the 110 itself might have been a contributing factor since many believe that  it’s Southland’s most dangerous freeway.

The two girls that died were Anagraciela “Ana” Cuadra who was 22 and Blanca Belman Almanza who was 23. They were both pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Ana’s mother, Marlena Cuadra (who spoke through an interpreter) told reporter, Greg Mills from CBS2, that the two girls were “best friends.”  The group was out celebrating Cuadra’s upcoming 23 birthday, which would have been Wednesday.

The woman’s mother told Greg that she understands that God gave her to her and he also took her away. Only he knows why and God will give her strength.

Cuadra leaves behind her two children, a 6 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. According to Marlena her daughter was very much afraid of the 110. She said that Cuadra never wanted to use the 110, she says “Now I know why.”

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