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DUI Collision Ends Fatal For Bicyclist

 Bicyclist Dies After DUI Collision

A Motorist who is suspected as driving under the influence, killed a bicyclist near the Olivewood Memorial Park on Central Avenue in the Riverside Community on Sunday, January 5.  This accident makes Southern California’s first fatal bicyclist incident this year.

According to Riverside Police Lt. Julian Hutzler, the bicyclist was in the far left lane and was heading east when the man was hit at around 3:45 that evening. The man was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital.

Both drivers in the incident (the bicyclist and motorist) were described as men in their 20’s. The driver of the vehicle was detained at the scene and then questioned. According to Lt. Hutzler the investigation is ongoing.

The driver is in suspicion of vehicular manslaughter. The bicyclist was David Mendez who was only twenty-two years old. David was hit from behind by Christopher R. Banning who is thirty-one years old. According to the corners office, David was wearing his helmet, however it did not save him from the hard impact of the crash.

David was rushed to the local Riverside hospital were he was pronounced dead.  According to the report, Christopher was detained on the scene, arrested on suspicion of vehicle manslaughter without gross negligence and driving under the influence. It also reported that the district attorney’s office will be determining what charges to file.

UPDATE: New Report on DUI Accident

 As a comment from John McB notes, the Press-Enterprise story has been corrected to say Mendez was riding in the far right lane nearest the curb, rather than the left lane as originally reported.

The story also reports that the driver, 31-year old Christopher R. Banning was arrested at the scene on suspicion of vehicle manslaughter without gross negligence and driving under the influence. Any charges will be determined by the Riverside district attorney’s office

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