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59 year old El Tour de Tucson Bicyclist killed while Riding

On a Saturday in November, 59 year old John Henderson was cycling in the El Tour de Tucson for the first time. John was in the proper designated Tour de Tucson lane when a car struck him from behind. Despite the efforts of emergency workers, John Henderson was reported dead at the scene.

John was struck by a 78 year old driver. The man was driving eastbound on the interstate when he crashed into John around 5:20 p.m. that Saturday. The 78 year old man was taken to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. The investigation is on going at the moment due to the fact the man might have had a medical emergency that caused the accident.

Capt. Adam Goldberg states:

We believe (the driver) suffered a medical emergency that caused him to lose control

Captain Goldberg could not release any of the details about the medical emergency the 78 year old drive might have experienced.

John met with his partner, Bill Roberts, about half way through the route. Bill says that he gave John a coffee and told him it was OK to quit the race. The president of the El Tour stated that John did not want to quit! He was determined to finish even though he was cold, freezing, and wet.

The President of El Tour (Debernadis) said he was aware of John’s accident from the moment it happened and although he prayed for John to make it through, DeBernardis, was informed just moments later that John didn’t make it. He compared the loss to losing a brother and he is filled with sadness.

Police do not believe the accident was due to drugs or alcohol. They also didn’t think he was speeding, they seem to believe it was due to a medical condition. They are still investigating at this time. Police say that the condition of the driver as well as the indications for treatment and transport will be released by the Department of Public Safety as soon as the investigation is closed.

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