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Dangerous situations exist in everyday places, even in those seemingly innocuous and ever present escalators at the local department store. To ensure safe operation, proper maintenance is essential for escalators. Frequently, a contractor maintains and services the elevators for the building owner or manager to make sure that the elevators are maintained in a safe condition. Many elevator accidents occur due to a failure to properly maintain and service the elevators by the on–site elevator company.

Children can be especially venerable to escalator accidents as is demonstrated by this story.

Escalator Accident in A Department Store

An 8-year-old girl was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries after her leg became trapped in an escalator at a department store in New Jersey.

The girl, her mother and her younger brother were riding the escalator up from the store’s basement to the ground level just before noon when the girl’s right leg got caught in the landing section at the top of the escalator, police said.

A bystander then pressed the emergency stop button, and police officers, rescue workers and several other people dismantled the landing area to free her leg, authorities said. Major retailers, like this one, should have a representative of an elevator company either on site or on call at all times.

The victim, who police said is from the area, was treated at the store before being transported to a nearby medical center with serious injuries to her leg and foot, police said.

The escalator was eventually blocked off. An engineer was examining the escalator later that afternoon, and building inspectors and police were investigating the incident.

“Our immediate thoughts and prayers go out to the young girl and her family,” the department store spokesman said in a statement. “We are currently conducting a full internal investigation into this morning’s unfortunate incident at our store.”

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