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Family of Woman Who Was Punched By CHP Officer Are Looking for Justice

A CHP (California Highway Patrol) Officer was caught on video, throwing a woman on the ground and then repeatedly punching her. Now Marlene Pinnock’s  family wants justice and are filing a civil-rights lawsuit on her behalf. Someone that was passing by had caught the incident on video. The assault happened after Marlene had wandered onto the should of 10 Freeway, near the La Brea Avenue. Marlene’s daughter described her mother as a “happy” and “loving” great-grandmother.

Misha Allum’s Statement about the CHP Officer Hitting

She’s a nice lady. I don’t understand why this would happen to her. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone else.”

The Attorney’s that represent Marlene say that the CHP officer accused of the crime should not be paid for their suspension. The family and attorney’s also think that the off-duty officer that helped the first officer obtain Marlene should be suspended as well.

Lawyer Statement about the CHP Rules

It’s our opinion that the CHP officer is the one who is a danger to others. We believe he fits the criteria of 5150 of the welfare and institutions code, and he should be involuntarily detained.

The tape only shows a small part of what transpired. There were events that led up to this. Until all that’s collected and put into perspective, we aren’t going to be able to make a determination. What caused the officer to respond in the way he has has not been thoroughly evaluated, so I don’t want to provide you with an opinion.

Marlene’s family also wonder about the quality of the care that she is recieved at the hospital she is staying at.


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