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Irvine Fiery Crash

Car crashes happen anywhere and often. Fiery crashes are scary. People often get hurt and a fiery crash can make it hard for authorities to investigate the vehicle crash.

Sadly, two men have recently died from a fiery two vehicle car crash. This happened on Irvine street on early Saturday.

Twenty-three year old, Kasean Herrera from Irvine was driving a Hyundai Elantra was involved in the fiery crash, was identified by the Orange County Coroner’s Office.  They also identified twenty-four year old, Jeremy Shankling of Los Angeles. Shankling was a passenger of the Hyundai.

There were three other people that had to be taken to the hospital due to their injuries after the crash. According to the Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Larry Kurtz, at least one of the vehicles had caught fire during the crash.


Road Rage Fiery Crash

Road rage can be a serious issue. We’ve all probably joked about it a time or two but it’s not always a laughing matter.

Recently, a matter of road rage caused a fiery crash in the Lakeside. The fire was so bad that it actually destroyed a business and a home close by. To make matters worse, the deputies had to then ensue into a car chase that was full of people. The car chase led to El Cajon where a man then barricaded himself in a pharmacy and them stabbed himself in the neck.

Craziness Begins

According to San Diego County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dustin Lopez, the whole thing started just before seven in the evening on Saturday. The confrontation started just between two vehicles, which was bad enough.

One of the drivers was so distraught they exited the highway to try to find help at the sheriff’s substation.

According to the reports:

At Vine Street and Parkside Street in Lakeside, about two blocks from the substation, the female driver of the other vehicle attempted to speed around and cut off the Lakeside man seeking law enforcement help, Lopez said. But the driver lost control and crashed into Solis Hair Studio at 12585 Parkside St., and the vehicle caught fire, igniting a blaze inside the salon that badly damaged the building before crews from Lakeside Fire Department brought the fire under control.

Richard Rodriquez was the one whose home was damage by the smoke, twice in those two days as the fire crews worked and worked to try to put out the flames.

Richard Rodriguez’s Statement:

I was asleep and I heard a loud screech and the bang that came after it. Obviously the car was in the side of the building, oil started dropping and the flames hit next and that was it from there. I ran back inside and grabbed my jacket, my shoes and that was all because it started going up.

After the crash, there were two people that took off on foot.  Sgt. Lopez said that one of those occupants was a female driver and a male passenger that took off. They ran northbound. They described the female as a white female with blonde hair. She was wearing a blue shirt. Her passenger was a white male and had his hair in a ponytail. He had several tattoos on his arms and was wearing  a hat.

Deputies rushed to the crash to try to help with the craziness. As they arrived to the scene they spotted a white sedan speeding away from the scene with four people inside, however after further investigation, they were determined not to be involved with the road rage incident or crash. But they did speed away from the deputies and get involved with a little chase.

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