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Investigation Into What Caused Fiery Crash that Killed Five Teenagers

An early morning fiery crash ended tragically for five teenagers. Investigators are investigating trying to figure out what led to the crash in Irvine. They are asking for witnesses to come forward with any information.

The only survivor of the crash was the sixteen year old driver her was also driving unlicensed. This was a single vehicle crash and happened off of the 5 Freeway around 2:15 in the morning on Saturday.  According to the Los  Angeles Times, one of the victims, Bradley Morales could have possibly been ejected from the vehicle and had severe head injury. He actually went for a brain surgery following the crash.

Teens Die In Fiery Crash While Heading Home

According to the Orange County Fire officers, the teenagers were travelling home from the Buena Park after they were at the Knott’s Scary Farm. On their way home the car veered off of the road and then crashed on a nearby embankment. The crash sparked a brush fire which got up to a quarter of an acre of land. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) the sixteen year old driver did not have a license or even a permit. At the news conference authorities revealed that the vehicle was registered to a California Family member.

Five teen passengers were sadly pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. The five dead were: Jenny Campos, Alex Sotelo, Brandon Moreno, Matthew Melo, and Jenny Bahena.

 CHP Capt. Joel Lundy’s Statement at the News Conference

It is a very tragic incident. Not only is it affecting the family members and the community, it’s also affecting the first responders.

According to the CHP Border Division Assistant Chief, Jon Antillion, “If the number of occupants in the exceeded the number of seat belts, then one person was not secured” which is required by the law. The investigators are asking for the publics help with this case. They are needing witnesses to come forth and describe what happened.


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