Fifty Year Old Man Arrested For DUI and Child Endangerment

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Fifty Year Old Arrested For DUI Crash and Child Endangerment

Saturday is a day of a lot of things for a lot of people. Personally it’s a family day for me and my loved ones. However, for a lot of people it’s the day to unwind. Most of the time that unwinding includes a few cold one’s or maybe even some wine. Some like to stay home and relax and maybe have a few, others like to go out and have a good time. Which there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you’re responsible about it.

According to the local authorites, a fifty year old man has been arrested on Satruday for charges that include a : DUI and Child Endangerment. Um hello? Is it not bad enough that you put yourself at risk, but now a child as well?! Anyways, the charges came after the minivan that the fifty year old was driving, collided with another vehicle at the intersection in Coachella.

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said that the fifty year old man was, Moises Montufar. He is being held on a  $50,000 bail at the Larson Justice Center which is in Indio.

Children Injured in DUI Vehicle Crash

According to the news release, there were three children involved, aging at 5, 10, and 11 years old. The children were in a brown Chevrolet Venture, Montufar was the driver. The vehicle traveled southbound on Harrison Street right before six o’clock that evening.

The minivan hit a vehicle that was actually stopped, as the van turned left in the left turn lane at Bagdad Avenue. Two of the children had minor injuries, according to the Sheriff’s Department. Luckily the other driver wasn’t hurt. Montufar wasn’t injured either.

The Coachella Police Officers as well as the paramedics quickly responded to the scene. The county’s Children Services Division was also notified.

After everyone was treated at the crash site, the three children had to be temporarily placed with a family member.


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