Firefighter Injured Battling Three Alarm Fire in High School

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Firefighter Injured as He Fought The Fire at Local High School

Firefighters are an inspiration. They work crazy hours plus some, they risk their lives daily to make sure others live, they deal with extreme temperatures, and they don’t make the best pay. They do it because they have golden hearts. They are true heroes. They give up their family time, their lives just to make sure they can try to make this world a little safer for us.

One firefighter was courageously injured as he was battling a three-alarm fire at the Bolsa Grande High School. The school is located in the Garden Grove area and this on Sunday afternoon, according to the police.

The fire crews were called to respond to the school fire at around one,fifteen in the afternoon. The school is located at 9401 Westminister Ave. According to Jeff Spargur who is part of the Garden Grove Fire Department, when the courageous group of men entered the school, they found two class rooms that were on fire.

Firefighters Attack the Flames at Burning School

The firefighters worked quickly to get mounted and fight the fire aggressively. The flames were finally put out by these brave men, within an hour after they had gotten there.  The fire was contained to the first two initial classrooms. However, there were six other rooms that had gotten some smoke and water damage.

According to Spargur, there was one firefighter who was injured. He had hurt his hands somehow and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment. Luckily no other injuries were reported.

School is to be in session on Monday, however some of those classes had to be relocated due to the fire and smoke damage, according to spokeswoman Amy Stevens from the Garden Grove Unified School District.

Investigators aren’t sure of what caused the fire and they are now investigating the situation.


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