Five Workers Injured From Falling From Construction Site

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Construction Workers Injured After Falling from Site

Construction work always comes with pre-cautions and as well as a chance of injury. Construction crews are usually pretty on top of anything that could cause someone to be hurt. They wear hard hats, steel toe boots, harnesses. Whatever the job requires. However, even the safest crews on any job can have accidents. And you can prepare all you want, but sometimes things just happen that you can’t calculate for.

According to the Lost Angeles County Fire Department, five construction workers were injured on Saturday. They had reportedly fell from a twenty foot construction site. The stie was in Commerce.

Firefighter Respond to Construction Site Injury Call

According to a department spokesperson, around three,fifteen that day, firefighters rushed to the call at the Commerce Casino which is located at 6131 Telegraph Road.  They also said that part of the building the “houses” the casino ( it was adjacent to the Crown Plaza Hotel) had been going under some major refurbishment.

The fire official said that the five people who has sustained injures, had injuries ranging from minor to moderate injuries. All who were involved were immediately transported to the local hospitals.  It’s just amazing that these people survived.

The report did not make it clear if the employees were with the casino or the construction company.

Hopefully everyone from the construction site incident has a speedy recovery.


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