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Man Arrested After Causing Police Chase and Slamming Into Police Car

On Sunday a man got put into custody after a wild high speed police chase. The chase was through a residential area in Lomita. The suspect in the chase almost hit two police deputies.

Just as one of the first deputies arrived o the scene and got out of his vehicle, the suspect who is now identified as Mario Morales, allegedly drove his vehicle, which he was driving very fast, towards the deputy. The whole thing started round two o’clock in the morning. The deputies with the Lomita Sheriff’s Station came to the scene which was at the 246th Place and Pennsylvania Avenue. They had gotten a call about a “person screaming”.

Luckily the deputy was able to jump out of the way before Morales hit him. In missing the deputy, Morales ended up ramming into a police patrol car three times.

Suspect Repeatedly Tries to Run Over Police Officer

Morales continued to try to run over the deputy. The deputy did what he had to do, and fired his gun. Morales was not hit however his vehicle was. Morales then continued to drive on through the neighborhood. Of course he was speeding and going through people’s yards, trying to get away from the police.

Not long after he started the chase again, he almost hit a second responding deputy at the scene that he was driving towards. According to the news release, that officer was able to get out of the way on time. Another deputy also shot at the speeding vehicle at that time. The deputy hit the car but not Morales.

About a forth of a mile away from the scene, Morales sped over a curb and then crashed the vehicle through a neighborhood backyard fence. He ended the crash by colliding with an occupied camper. He did become injured at that point and was taken to a local hospital to be treated. He is facing a number of charges, such as: assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer.

Source: https://ktla.com/2015/01/18/deputy-opens-fire-after-driver-crashes-through-lomita-yard/

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