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 Former Baseball Player Dies High in Crash

On February 14th a former minor league baseball player did in a South Bay car crash. Thirty-seven year old, Christian Franco had drugs in his system as well as a high blood alcohol content. The medical examiner’s report showed that his blood alcohol content was almost three times the legal limit.

Christian Franco was driving his Jaguar along the State Route 125 when he was killed in an early morning car crash.  According to the California Highway Patrol he had plowed into a guardrail. The impact of the guardrail had tore the driver’s side door of his car open which then threw Christian onto the pavement.

When the San Diego County Medical Examiner released the full autopsy it showed that Christian’s blood alcohol level was 0.21 percent and in California the legal driving limit is 0.08 percent. The toxicology report also relieved that Christian had cocaine and marijuana in his system.  The determined cause of death was the blunt force of injuries.

The California Highway Patrol also speculated that after Christian’s sports car had hit the guardrail that a sedan then smashed into it as well. This collision could have hit Christian as well.

After the sedan joined in on the crash, it soon became a pile up. A Hummer H3 then hit the sedan and Christian then a Honda Civic came and hit the sedan as well.  Luckily there were no other injuries in the crash. The driver of the H3 was arrested for suspected driving under the influence.

Source of the former baseball player crash :–255204351.html#ixzz2yvauYGqq

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