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 Greyhound Bus Overturns in Accident

When the driver of a Greyhound bus choked on his coffee while driving, ended up passing out and ran off the interstate. The bus struck a tree and a fence then flipped over and injured at least thirty-five people. Police report that they did not know the driver’s (Dwayne Garrett) medical condition and were waiting for the toxicology results.

The Police report stated that, the Greyhound bus was carrying fifty-one passengers at the time of the accident. Thankfully there was no life-threatening injuries. However, there were several people trapped and had to be extricated by the emergency workers.

A passenger from the bus said that he could see the driver slumped over. He also said that he heard a woman scream at the driver to, “wake up!” but he thinks that the man may have had a medical condition. The passenger also said that, after hitting the tree the bus had rolled at least twice.

Investigators followed up the report by saying that thirty-five people were taken to hospitals. Six people were taken by helicopters and twenty-nine people were taken by ambulance. Some of the injuries were minor some were severe.  Almost everyone was released from the hospital three had to stay hospitalized.

Chris Link, one of the passengers that was not injured, told reporters that he saw some children on the bus and thought that some of the other passengers had broken arms and legs. He also noticed that the greyhound bus driver seemed fine when he had boarded the bus.

The bud driver had been with the company for almost fifteen years. He had only been on duty for an hour and had been fully rested. The driver was also injured but his name or condition could not be released due to privacy laws.

The bus had its regular inspection just fourteen days before the accident. The drivers also do a pre-trip inspection to make sure it’s safe for travel before they leave. The company is cooperating with the investigation and everyone is trying to determine what happened. The company will also conduct an internal investigation with the driver.

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