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Fifty Year Old Dies in Head on Collision

Sadly, a fifty year old man died after being hit in a head with a skateboard inside of a Starbucks in Santa Ana. The man has now been identified.

The man was Ozro Robert Lee. He died from injuries, he got a bad confrontation with a young man that was inside of the shop at the 3300 block of S. Bristol Street. The incident happened on November 24, this coming from the every busy Orange County coroner’s officer.

Local witnesses told the local news that Lee had appeared to be acting a little odd lately. At one point during the encounter, he started banging on the front windows of Starbucks.

Lee then walked into the coffee shop. Lee approached the young man, who was sitting with his girlfriend at a table and then started acting mean towards him.

The unnamed younger man quickly stood up and hit Lee in the head with his skateboard. The witnesses described the incident as a self-defense move for the young man.

Lee had to be transported to the Orange County Global Medical Center. He was later pronounced dead upon his arrival.

The younger man stayed at the scene like he was supposed to. He was more than cooperative with the investigators. According to the Santa Ana police CPL. Anthony Bertagna, no charges has been made at this time. To be honest, there probably wont be any since it was a self defense situation.

Bicyclist Killed in Hit and Run

Sadly a bicyclist was killed in a hit and run crash on a Wednesday morning. The incident happened on South Watt Avenue. According to the Sacramento Police Department the victim was a male, however no other identifying information were given. Police Department spokeswoman Linda Matthew said that there were also no information regarding the suspect vehicle at this time. However spokeswoman Matthew said that the crash happened sometime before 7 in the morning, however the exact time wasn’t clear yet.

The Police Department had their team on the scene investigating the crash, around 7:30 in the morning.

Matthew’s Statement:

We can piece together whatever evidence we get from there.

The South Watt area luckily reopened relatively quickly in both directions, reports that the road was opened by 10:30 that morning.

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