Hip Hop Mogul Charged With Murder for Compton Hit and Run

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Marion Knight Charged With Murder After Hit and Run

On Monday, hip hop mogul, Marion Knight was charged with murder as well as attempted murder for the involvement in a Compton hit and run. According to the police, this was on the same day that his bail had been revoked.

Mr. Knight, who is forty-nine year old, was arrested early on Friday after he went to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s West Hollywood Station with his lawyer, just nine hours before he allegedly ran over two men after having an altercation with them.

One of the men was fifty-five year old, Terry Carter. Knight’s attorney said that Mr.Carter was an old friend of the Death Row Records founder. There was another person struck, actor Cle “Bone” Sloan.

For this, Knight had been charged with one count of murder on Monday as well as: one count of attempted murder and two counts of hit and run with allegation that he had committed a serious and violent felony while out on bail in another pending case.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Officer, Knight had been out on bail for a separate robbery case. Knight had pleaded not guilty back in November for the robbery for a camera theft in a “September confrontation” with a photographer outside of a Beverly Hills studio.

Knight had been held on $2.05 million bail for the hit and run case. However, on Monday morning the homicide detectives petitioned that bail be revoked. It was approved. They decided to revoke the bail due to Knight being a “flight risk” as well as a “three strikes” candidate.  Police was also worried about “witness intimidation” as well as Knight’s “criminal past”.

Hip Hop Mogul Claims Hit and Run was an Accident

Knight’s attorney claims that Mr. Knight had been trying to escape an attack when he had “accidentally” hit the victims. However, a homicide lieutenant said that Knight had fought with Sloan through the truck’s driver side. He then apparently, purposefully hit Sloan and Carter with his Ford F-150 Raptor pickup truck which was in a parking lot outside of Tam’s Burgers.

Knight is facing life in prison if he is convicted of the current charges. This would be Knight’s third strike.

Source: https://ktla.com/2015/02/02/suge-knights-2-2-million-bail-revoked-in-compton-hit-and-run/

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