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Unresolved Hit and Run Cases Numbers Increase

According to the LAPD almost four out of every five hit and run cases go unsolved. The Police have no way of figuring these cases out without a witness. Since most of these cases lack the evidence and witnesses that means it’s likely that these cases never even make it to an investigating officer.

According to the LAPD memo, over the course of the past five years that only 43% of the hit and run cases have been investigated. Around only half of that small percent get solved. The studies show that the average hit and run is about on per every 26 minutes. Even though that seems like a lot, that number is actually lower than Houston, Chicago, or New York numbers.

Chief Charlie Beck of the Los Angeles Police says that a lot of the hit and run cases are mainly property damage only. However when victims are involved it seems like more victims are severely injured or killed from hit and run collisions than DUI crashes.

Damian Kevitt who was a hit and run victim last year knows all too well about hit and run cases. While he was riding his bike in a park a mini van ran into him. Damian was caught underneath the van and dragged for 600 feet before he was freed from the van.

Damian remissness’s about his hit and run experience

(The driver) knew I was underneath his car. He knew he was dragging me for nearly a quarter of a mile.

The driver then went ahead onto the Golden State Freeway and left Damian there injured. Damian’s right leg was amputated. Damian has had to deal with several months of rehabilitation.

Damian’s case had witnesses and even offered a reward of $25,000 but the hit and run case is still unsolved.

The police have tried helping the problem by recommending more severe penalities as well as increasing enforcement of unregistered vehicles.

Damian agrees that something should be done to help solve these unsolved cases

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