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California Hit and Run Driver Leaves Woman Critically Injured

The Police have released the license plate number of a vehicle that they are searching for after a hit and run driver had left a woman critically injured in Highland Park.

The woman who was injured, had been crossing the eastbound on North Figueroa Street and North Avenue 55 when she was struck around 9:45 that Friday evening, according to Lt. Melody Hainline from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Even though the critically injured woman was in a marked crosswalk, the walk did not have a light function.

A 2003 Mitsubishi, white in color, was suspected of hitting the woman before fleeing the scene and heading northbound, according to Hainline. The license plate number was 4zCG222, officer Hainline also said that the vehicle had probably recieved some damage during the incident.

While a lot of information was given about the vehicle, not a lot of information was given about the driver. There was no driver description available.

The woman who was injured, was described as being “Hispanic” and in her 50’s. She was transported to the Huntington Memorial Hospital and was listed as “critical but stable condition”.

On Saturday morning, the investigators were going over the surveillance film. The local businesses were cooperative and provided the video.

Hit and Run Driver

Hit and run accidents are sadly not uncommon. In fact, they’re numbers are only rising, which is odd because there is so much surveillance and technology out nowadays to help catch hit and run drivers. Which, they should be caught. Even if they don’t hurt anyone physically they’re still hurting their property and their finances. The victims have to pay to have things fixed that a hit and run driver ruins. That means that is money taken away from the victim and or their family. Which, I don’t know about you, but I need every penny I can get. Times are too hard for someone to just blatantly disrespect someone’s hard earned money/property.

This is another hit and run incident. This time, a man was found dead on September 19th. He was found after he had been hit by a hit and run driver. The incident happened on the 170 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley area.

According to the California Highway Patrol Officials, there was a man found dead on a stretch of the San Fernando Valley freeway off ramp on a Saturday. Evidence proved that the man died after being hit during a hit and run incident.

Mans Body Found After Hit and Run

California Highway Patrol Officer Monica Posada said that the man’s body had been found on the northbound 170 Freeway’s Sherman Way off-ramp, which was bordering Valley Glen and North Hollywood. They found him right before one o’clock that morning.

Posada confirmed the man was the victim of a hit and run. Posada also said that the investigators had been and will continue to search for witnesses.

The identity of the man who sadly died, has not been discovered at this time. However, they described the deceased victim as a twenty-three year old black man.

The freeway had to be closed for a little while so that the police could search the area and the scene. The two right lanes were shut down as well as the Sherman Way off-ramp. The investigators guessed that the ramp would have to be closed until at least three o’clock that morning.

No other information has been given at this time.

Tree Trimmer Hit and Run Turned Fatal

Usually when you think of a tree trimmer, you think of them up in the air, dangling from a tree with a chainsaw not that far away. You would think that if something would happen to that tree trimmer, it would be a tree falling on him or a cut limb or something like that, however things don’t always go how we suspect and you never know when it’s “your time” or “how you’re going to go”.

A tree trimmer, was doing a job I’m sure he’s done a million times. He was simply picking up traffic cones after finishing up a job. The tree trimmer was sadly struck by a hit and run driver. The driver, of course, fled the scene of the crash which happened in Santa Ana. According to the police, the suspect fled on foot.

The incident happened right after lunch, around one,thirty in the afternoon. The incident happened at West 17th and North Fairview Streets. According to the Ana Police Department, Cpl. Anothony Bertagna, the intersection is a “major intersection”. Meaning it was probably pretty thick with traffic, ad everyone rushing.

The male victim was a contract worker for the city. The victim had been standing by his truck when he was sadly hit. The man was knocked down and was thrown fifty feet after the collision. According to the Corporal, the man was dead at the scene of the incident.

Bertagna’s Statement:

The suspect vehicle did not stop, did not contact anybody , did not render first aid.

After about two blocks from the incident, the fleeing vehicles front tire had fell off. The driver and passenger had tried to run away on foot. Their getaway worked, because the police had searched for him for almost two hours, with no luck.

According to Bertagna, Alejandro Rivas was a person of interest in the case. Rivas is twenty years old and may have even been driving the vehicle.

Of course a representative from the tree trimming company gave their statement. West Coast Arborist was able to identify the man.

According to, Ernesto Macias from the West Coast Arborist, the family had been well liked and he was a very hard worker for his family. The man had just celebrated his second year with company.

The victim had a ten year old daughter. The victim’s wife had came to the scene as soon as she could. According to the video from the scene, the vehicle who was involved in the crash, was a Chevy sedan.


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