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Man Ran Over In Santa Monica Hit and Run

According to the police, on Sunday morning a man who is just in his twenties was in pretty critical condition after he was ran over by an unknown vehicle at the Santa Monica Beach.  Sgt. Rudy Flores from the Santa Monica Police Department stated that a woman had reported that she heard a man screaming for help near the 1400 block of the Pacific Coast Highway. Police ended up finding an injured man near some tire tracks in Santa Monica. However, it is unclear at this time as to what actually hit the man.

Sgt. Flores Statement about the Hit and Run

The person said that he was hit by a vehicle. We tried to get more detailed information as far as where this occurred, he was not able to give us that information.

The lifeguard personnel claim that it was definitely not a lifeguard vehicle that hit the man. The lifeguard officials added that however it is not uncommon for personal vehicles to cross one of the barriers dividing the parking lot from the restricted beach area.

Santa Monica Police doesn’t seem sure it wasn’t a lifeguard vehicle though. This incident happened just five days after a sunbather had been hit by a lifeguard SUV at Venice Beach.  It seems like it’s not uncommon for people to be hit by the beach maintenance or personnel every so often. Back in May of this year, a forty-nine year old woman had been hospitalized for being ran over by a maintenance vehicle at Venice Beach.  Heck, even in February another incident like this occurred at Long Beach, where a maintenance worker’s truck had ran over a man who was lying on the beach. Guess the Santa Monica Police Department will have their hands full with this hit and run case.

If anyone has any information about this newest beach goer being ran over in a hit and run, please call the Santa Monica Police Department at 310-458-8491.

Source: https://ktla.com/2014/09/21/man-critically-injured-after-being-hit-by-unknown-vehicle-at-santa-monica-beach/

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