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Motorcyclist Killed in Hit and Run Accident

Police are still searching for a driver that was accused of a hit and run crash in North Park. The accident killed a thirty-two year old motorcyclist on early Friday Morning.

The incident occurred at the Granada and University avenues just after twelve-thirty in the morning. Police Officer, David Stafford says that it appears that the car and the motorcycle were approaching each other when the westbound motorist made a left turn onto the path of the eastbound motorcycle.

An eye witness told the local news that the car reversed then drove away after the crash happened. The Medical Examiners Office later identified the motorcyclist as Seamus O’ Bryan. Samus was sadly, pronounced dead at the trauma center. Seamus was a property mast at the Old Globe Theatre in the Park.

Seamus also had a passenger with him, a 31 year old man. The man was riding on the back of the motorcycle when the accident occurred and he was treated at the local hospital for some scrapes, bruises, and complaints of leg and chest pain.

A nearby worker at a local bar, hopped into a car when he saw what happened. He tried to follow the hit and run driver but he could not get the runaway driver to stop. Meanwhile, the bouncer at the bar called 911 for help.

Local Witness talks about the hit and run

The injuries were really bad,When they finally got the helmet off his head, it was very traumatic. He was bleeding really, really bad and it wasn’t a sight that anyone would want to see.

One of the other witnesses of the accident told the local news about the accident as well. When he was asked about the hit and run, he just let out a big sigh, after a long pause the man just looked down at the ground and shook his head.

The hit and run vehicle was described as a white or light colored four door car. They think maybe it was a Cadillac. It also had a male driver.

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