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 52 Year Old Dies After Hit and Run

A fatal hit and run accident is always sad, but knowing that the victim tried to crawl home must be tragic for his family members. The family of a man who died on March 24th worry that he might have tried to crawl home after he was struck by a car.

The man that was hit was fifty-two year old Jack Jackson. Jack was found unconscious in his driveway of his home. He was seriously injured. This all took place in early morning around 5:15 in the morning. Luckily a man saw Jack laying in the driveway and called for help.

Hit and Run Victim’s wife’s statement

According to Jack’s family, he sadly died later at the local hospital. Today the police investigators do not know what really happened or where he was hit. They do know that Jack had severe multiple injuries including: scraped elbows and knees and broken pelvis. The investigators believe that this could indicate that Jack probably tried to crawl home after being struck.

Some of the local neighbors deny hearing the crash or squealing breaks.

Neighbor, Steve Anderson’s statement

If it’s a hit and run, how did he wind up in the driveway?If you’re in a hit and run, you’re not going to back up, haul the guy into his driveway and then take off. You just take off. It makes no sense to me.

According to Jack’s family he often took an early morning walk around the neighborhood. His mother says that Jack had a heart of gold and was a sweetheart.

The investigators are now investigating this tragic accident as a hit and run felony, however when the accident first happened they stayed pretty quiet on the matter. The police even shut down a portion of Beaver Lake Drive for the investigation. They are also asking if anyone has any type of information about the accident to please call the police.

Source: https://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Hit-and-Run-Victim-Found-in-San-Carlos-Driveway-256569241.html#ixzz2zrTyOw3f

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