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Hospitals Investigated for Performing Unnecessary C-Sections

Consumer Reports Thinks that Hospitals Perform Unnecessary C-Sections

Consumer Reports magazine did some research and found that many hospitals in the United States perform more C-Sections than are necessary. Why is this such a big deal? Well when a baby is delivered by a C-Section when it’s not necessary then it can cause some major health problems/risks to the mother and the child.

The Consumer Reports showed data from more than 1,500 hospitals. Those reports showed that some of those hospitals had performed unnecessary C-sections in low-risk deliveries.

The Consumer Reports released the data into a report:  “What Hospitals Don’t Want You To Know About C-Sections.”

According to the report, almost one-third of the babies delivered nationwide are delivered by C-section. Researchers from the Consumer Reports stated that in some cases even with women with low-risk factors and hadn’t had a C-section before are having C-Sections.

Dr. Orly Avitzur with the Consumer Reports:

There are situation when a C-section is the safest option.  But the vast majority of women who anticipate a low-risk delivery should expect to have a natural birth.

Dr. Avizur found that for the low risk deliveries, the C-section rates were less than five percent to more than 50 percent in some cases.

The report also ranked that hospitals with the C-section rates for across the country. They rated the hospitals from “Better to Worse” which depended on how many C-sections were performed.

The Fallbrook Hospital was one of the best among Sand Diego Hospitals.


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