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Local Family in Hummer Involved in Bruce Jenner Crash

According to the accident report that has the world buzzing with information about Bruce Jenner’s crash, a Hummer H2 vehicle that was involved in the crash had been carrying a family that was local to the area. In that Hummer, included a newborn baby, a seventy-three year old woman who had been seriously injured in the crash.

The Hummer H2 was drove by sixty-two year old, Peter Wolf Millesi. The vehicle had his wife and two children, as well as a seventy-three year old woman. The woman had ended up suffering from a fractured spine, according to the police report that the Los Angeles Times reported about.

There was also a one month old newborn baby inside of the car. According to the report, there was a “complaint of pain” in regards to the newborn. However, luckily the newborn baby lived and wasn’t seriously injured.

Hummer Crash Kills One Person

According to the reports, it was Millesi’s Hummer that slammed head on into a white Lexus which was driven by sixty-nine year old, Kim Howe at the time. Howe is from the Calabasas area and sadly died in the crash.


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