Landscaper Hit By A Car and Injured

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Landscaper Hit by Car and Injured

On Tuesday morning a landscaper was hit by a car in the Poway area. The Sheriff’s Department believe that the man was wearing earplugs at the time of the incident.

The incident occurred at around eight, forty-two that morning on the Twin Peaks Road which is West of Maple Street.

The Sheriff’s Officials state that the 41 year old worker was standing in the bike lane and was using a leaf blower. Then when aa Lexus car struck him. The Lexus was drove by an eight-one year old woman.

The woman who was driving the car immediately stopped and was questioned at the scene of the accident. The Police Officials stated that speed and alcohol was not a factor in the crash and there are no charges pending at this time.

Police Deputies are advising drivers to be aware of the roadside workers and give the workers a wide berth.

Sgt. David Cheever of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept. Stated

If you see somebody working on the edge of the roadway, pay attention.

The landscaper accident also prompted a SigAlert.

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