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Crash Sends LAPD Officer and 6 Year Old to Hospital

Car accidents are always sad but it seems a little sadder when an innocent child is involved. On Sunday, April 20th an LAPD Officer and a six year old young girl were transported to a local hospital after a car crash in the Northridge area. Not a great way to spend Easter Sunday.

According to Officer, Katherine Main of the Los Angeles Fire Department Public Information, the accident involved three vehicles in the crash. It happened in the 19300 block of the Parthenia Street at around four:forty that evening.

The Captain, Charles Hearn said that the female LAPD Officer was racing down Tampa Avenue to respond to a call. She reportedly had her lights and sirens on at the time of the crash. Cpt. Hear said that she had slowed down as she approached the intersection at Parthenia Street however, a black Audi sedan crashed into the patrol car.

The impact made the Audi spin out of control and ended up hitting a pickup truck. The pickup truck collided with a fourth vehicle due to the impact from the Audi.

 Captain Hearn comments on the Crash

Driving is actually one of the factors that cause a lot of officer deaths, so in an abundance of caution we’re always trying to be very, very safe when we’re driving, but traffic is unpredictable at times.

According to Cpt. Hearn at least five peopled were injured and treated at the scene of the crash. However, the lady officer was the first one reportedly sent to the hospital, later the six year old little girl was also sent to the hospital for treatment. The crash shut down traffic for several blocks that surrounded the crash.

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