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Local Theater Shut Down For Bed Bug Investigation

Theater Temporary Shut Down for Bed Bug Infestation

A local Lodi theater has temporarily been shut down due  to several complaints from the moviegoers being bitten by bed bugs while they were watching the movie. The Lodi Stadium 12 Cinemas had to close its doors on Sunday not long after the complaints. The Theater had a pest control company come out and investigate. According to Catherine DePrima, who is a spokeswoman for the Santa Rosa Entertainment Group, The company did find “small pockets of bed bugs in limited areas” of the Lodi Theater.


The pest control employees worked hard throughout the week so that they could exterminate the bed buds. They quickly solved the issue and found that on Wednesday the theater was all clear of the bed bugs.  The company is planning to reopen the theater on Thursday. According to an e-mail to The Times from DePrima, They hope to get back on schedule and perform regular inspections throughout the year.


Bed Bug Infestation Under Control

Deprima’s Statement About The Bed Bugs

We are battling bed bug infestations in many places in California’s Central Valley and are confident in the service that we are providing the Lodi Stadium 12 Cinemas theater complex. Their pest issues are limited and under control. The theater will re-open tomorrow as planned.

Two girls that were watching a movie in the Lodi theater on Friday told the local FOX40 News that they had woke up the morning after the movie with actual hundreds of tiny red bites on their arms and legs.


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