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Man Dies After Struck by Pickup Truck

Crossing the road at anytime is pretty scary and can be quite dangerous. However, crossing an interstate on foot is reckless and even scarier. According to the CHP (California Highway Patrol) a man has been struck by a pickup truck as the man was trying to run across the State Route 67 in Ramona on early Saturday. Probably not the smartest thing the man ever tried to do, unless someone was injured and he was trying to go for help. Then that’s pretty heroic and his death is very tragic either way.

According to California Highway Patrol Officer, Kevin Pearlstein the fatal accident happened very early in the morning around, two:twenty-five in the morning actually. The accident happened when a twenty-four year old young Ramona man was driving a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, traveling east on Route 67 and then rounded a curve at the Mussey Grade Road.

Man Struck By Truck As Trying to Cross Highway

The driver of the Chevrolet Pickup saw a man who was running south across the highway, which was right in front of him. The driver was pretty much helpless, he had no time to stop to avoid hitting the man. The driver did try to swerve and miss the man. The truck bumper hit the man and hit the man which knocked him onto the freeway shoulder, which is sadly where the man died. The man’s identity has yet to be released.

So please be careful. Crossing the road is dangerous, it’s even more dangerous after midnight. No one can see that great after dark and no one expects anyone to be walking across a busy roadway. At least during the day people can see farther than 100 foot in front of them. Hopefully the pickup truck driver doesn’t face any charges, it sounds like he was completely innocent.



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