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Man Suffers Major Injuries From Fire Truck Crash

On Tuesday in Crestline, a man from Chino has suffered some major injuries when he was struck by a fire truck. The man who was injured, Seandor Wayne Flis and was 23 years old. The young man was taken to the Loma Linda University Medical Center for his treament. He suffered from chest and back injuries. The hospital spokesman, Herbert Atienza said that the young man is in critical condition.

The California Highway Patrol Officer, Alfredo Chen reported that no one has been cited or arrested in the crash. However, they do have investigators out there looking for any reasoning for the accident and to why it happened. Not a lot of information has been released to the public yet.

The Police say that Seandor was struck by a San Bernardino County Firetruck at 12 o’clock in the morning in the driveway of the San Bernardino Fire-Station. It is unsure what happened to cause the accident.

At the time of the accident, there just happen to be two county fire employees in the brush engine. The California Highway Patrol’s Major Accident Investigation Team continued to conduct interviews throughout Wednesday in regards to the cause of the accident.

 Tracey Martinez is the San Bernardino County fire spokesman refereed the questions about the accident to the California Highway Patrol…she would not say whether the firefighters were heading to a call or returning.  She also stated that the department plans to review their policies and procedures in the connection with the incident. However, she said it was standard procedure in cases like this. 

Neither of the firefighters have been placed on administrative leave as of right now.

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