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 Man Gets Stopped by Spike Trap After High Speed Pursuit

Most of us have watched the television show “cops”. We’ve seen when a high speed pursuit get out of hand they always bring out the spikes. On tv, it looks a little less graceful or “bad ass” as it does on the big screen, but real officer’s do not use the spike trap as a glamours thing. They’re trying to catch a criminal and save lives.

According to the police authorites, a man allegedly led the police and California Highway Patrol Officers (CHP) on a high speed pursuit. The chase began in the Glendale area and then ended in Sylmar. The man was caught and then taken into custody, early Monday morning. The pursuit started at an “unknown agency” airship spotted the vehicle. According to Sgt. Gomez from the Pasadena Police Department, the vehicle was traveling at a very high speed and was seen on the 210 Freeway in Glendale. This was around 12:45 in the morning.

California Highway Patrol Gets Involved in Pursuit

The Glendale police stated that they had gave a class just before the driver had went back to the freeway. That is when the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers then got involved.  Sgt. Gomez said that the vehicle did finally come to a stop. This was only after the vehicle plowed into the spike strip at the intersection. The officials placed the strip at the intersection of Little Tujunga Canyon Road.

A video from the scene of the pursuit showed that one or more of the officers had their guns drawn and ready as the driver of the runaway car came out of the White BMW and then appeared to surrender to the police. The man is unidentified at this time but the suspect went easily after the pursuit ended.

Hopefully things slow down in the high speed pursuit categories for the California Highway Patrol and Phoenix police.


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