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A Chain Reaction Crash Kills A U.S. Marine

On Saturday Morning a U.S. Marine was killed in a chain reaction type accident. The crash happened along the Interstate 8 in San Diego. He has been identified as a former New York volunteer firefighter.

Ricky Jones who was only twenty-years old died in a multi-vehicle accident. According to a Volunteer Firefighter in New York, Jones also volunteered for that department before he was stationed in San Diego as an active duty Marine.

The accident that took his life, happened right after five o’clock in the morning. It happened along the Westbound I-8 at the State Route 163 interchange in the Mission Valley Area.

California Highway Patrol Officials state that a woman was driving a Honda Civic on the Westbound I-8. She then lost control of her vehicle (for unknown reasons) she struck a nearby barrier before she stopped in the middle of the freeway. Not long after three other cars slammed into her vehicle in a chain reaction.

One of the CHP Investigators stated that at one point, an oncoming vehicle approached the scene and one of the Marines quickly got out of the way by jumping over the freeway barrier. The Marine landed in some ice plants just 20 feet below the SR-163 underpass.

Ricky died at the scene. CHP Officials said his body was found along the Underpass. CHP says that the accident is still under the investigation. They are still trying to figure out the exacty cause of Ricky’s death. Was he hit or did he jump to get out of the way of the oncoming vehicle? They are also trying to figure out what order the vehicles hit the Honda.

This fatal crash shut down part of the I-8 and SR-163 that morning. Officials cleared the scene and collected evidence.

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