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Violent Dog Gets Shot By Marine Owner

In September 2013 a man had to shoot and kill his dog. This happened in the Santee neighborhood. The man shot his dog because the dog had bitten the man’s girlfriend’s daughter and had even attacked others.

The Sheriff’s deputies arrived to the scene to respond to the reports of multiple gunshots that were heard in the residential neighborhood North of the Santee Lakes. The deputies arrived and found out that the man had taken the dog into the hills and killed it.

The Sheriff’s Lt. Dave Schaller stated that many deputies had arrived and spread out through the neighborhood at 3:10 that evening, until they were sure of what was really happening at the scene.

Lt. Schaller said that the man had told his deputies that the dog had been acting “overly aggressive” in the past few weeks. The dog had even bitten his girlfriends, nine year old daughter, as well as two neighbors, and his girlfriend. The man and his girlfriend are both Marines, according to Schaller.

Lt. Schaller talks about the incident:

It’s certainly a bit unusual.

The deputies and animal control officers decided not to cite the man for any crime. Lt. Schaller said that it wasn’t unlawful to kill his dog as long as it’s done in a humane manner.

The marine did fir a gun in a residential area, but Lt. Schaller gave him a break for not knowing the laws, or  “basic ignorance of the law.”

Source for the dog bite incident:

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