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Girl Suffers From iPhone Burns

On Friday a young middle school student suffered from second degree burns when her iPhone, that was in her pocket, caught on fire just before her class started.

The young eighth grade girl had gotten burnt on one of her thighs and her back. She was taken to the local hospital for her treatment.

Her mother said it was quite a shock to receive notice from the school for this. The mother’s name is Judy Milligan and would rather her young daughters name not be released.

The girl, who was just fourteen years old, had just sat down before her first class of the day on Friday Morning. Suddenly, her and her friends heard a pop from the Green Apple iPhone 5c that her mother had given her only two months ago.

According to the principle, smoke suddenly started billowing from around the girl. The girl knew right away something was wrong. She was in quite a panic but knew it was her pants on fire and that it was cause by her cellphone.

Principle also said that the poor girl had to take off her pants. Luckily the other girls in the class were kind enough to help her to a corner in the room while some of the other young ladies made the boys leave the room. They were also smart enough to call for a nearby teacher.

Principle comments on the iPhone situation

It was sensitive. She knew she was kind of in a tough situation the girl had the presence of mind to “stop, drop and roll,”

The teachers rushed to help while another person from the front office called 911 for help. The principle says that the phone fell out of the girls pocket and it was still smoldering when it hit the ground and her pants were still on fire!

Once they finally got her pants off, a teacher wrapped the young girl in a blanket while they waited for the emergency crew to arrive. The school officials put a “hold in place” on the school so that students would not leave their class rooms and the emergency workers could get in and out of the school faster.

The girl was taken to the nearby hospital so she could be treated for her second-degree burns. She was released soon after. The young girl even wanted to go back to school but the hospital staff and school officials talked her into taking the day off.

Her mother, says that her daughter is a very calm person. An investigator from the Fire Marshal’s Office took pictures of the burnt phone. The Phone was taken to a TechPort that repairs Apple phones. He said that he did have customers bringing in old batteries that were swollen after extended use, but never one from a brand new phone.

Tech Support talks about the iPhone

There’s basically a lithium-ion type rechargeable battery built in (to an iPhone). The battery, as it charges and discharges, it’s really a chemical reaction that can generate heat,It’s very rare there can be an issue, but any battery is just a chemical composition that can be flammable in extreme circumstances.

The tech support said that he could not specify what would have caused her battery to burn like that. He says that Apple products are usually extremely safe, and it’s an extremely rare accident.

The iPhone could no longer be used so her mother is getting her a new one along with some new yoga pants from Target.

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