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Motorcycle Incident in Diamond Bar

Motorcycle incidents seem pretty scary. There’s little protection if something bad would happen.

The police have been able to identify a twenty-four year old young man who died in a motorcycle crash. The incident happened on the 60 Freeway in Diamond Bar.

According to CHP Officer, J. Bach, The young man, Ivan Galindo, died just after 3:50 p.m. after a three vehicle collision in the eastbound lanes of the 60 Freeway.

CHP Investigates Motorcycle Crash

According to the report, the young man was riding a 2015, Kawasaki Ninja. Which if you know anything about motorcycles you know that is a fast bike, not meaning that he was going fast but if he wanted to, this bike could definitley get down the road. The report said that he was in the No.5 lane and was travelling at an unknown speed. Traffic was “moderate” just before the crash. There was a 2005 Saturn Ion in front of him and the vehicle was going 45- 50 mph.

The motorcycle struck the back of the Saturn and then ricocheted toward the right side of the road.

Officer Bach said that the motorcycle then struck the left rear fender of a 1999 Westar cement mixer that was traveling around 25-30 mph. This was in the No. 7 lane.

Bach’s Statement:

(Galindo) was subsequently ejected from (his motorcycle) and collided onto the concrete roadway. As a result of this collision, Mr. Galindo sustained major injuries. Mr. Galindo was transported to Pomona Valley Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries sustained from this traffic collision.

The driver of the Saturn was only nineteen years old. The man driving the mixer truck was a thirty-five year old. Luckily they suffered no injuries.

The incidents are still under investigation at this time.

California Resident Killed in Motorcycle Incident

According to CHP, three lanes of Interstate 5 had to be shut down for a few hours after a motorcycle had fallen from the 54 transition ramp. This happened in National City on Saturday

The crash was reported on the southbound side of the Interstate 5 at the transition to eastbound State Route 54 at around 12:30 p.m. According to CHP there were no other vehicles involved in the crash.

There was a woman in her thirties riding a motorcycle, going southbound on the I-5. According to the CHP reports, she was going around 80-100 mph. She had a male passenger who was reported to be in his forties.

The woman lost control of the motorcycle and the two fell dozens of feet onto the shoulder of the I-5. They skidded onto the should. Both sadly were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Some of the local witnesses say that there was a car chasing the motorcycle. However, officers say that second before the crash the motorcycle had cut the car off and the two were still close together when they had went over the shoulder.

Traffic had to be blocked for several hours so that officers could finish their investigation. Luckily, the CHP said that there were no other injuries reported.

Motorcycle Crash

According to CHP officials, a sixty-one year old woman has died in a motorcycle incident. The crash happened on Highway 118.

The CHP reported,the crash happened around 2:20 p.m. on the eastbound side of the freeway, just west of Rocky Peak Road.

There was a vehicle traveling in the far right lane of the highway and then got a flat tire. The flat caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. CHP said that the vehicle then veered into the left lane and directly into the path of the motorcycle which was two lanes away.

The motorcycle crashed into the back of the vehicle and sadly the rider was ejected. The rider was pronounced dead at the scene of the incidents.

The left two lanes of traffic were closed so that the CHP could investigate the scene. That of course caused a back up of traffic, all the way into Simi Valley. Luckily lanes were opened rather quickly.

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