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New Motorcycle Law Changes for California

Officials think that Motorcycle deaths are on the rise after an 8% increase in 2013, as sales of powerful motorcycle were on the upward trend. In October 2007 a motorcyclist was cut off by a car in San Francisco, California. According to Officials, motorcycle deaths are on the rise In California.

Lane-Splitting happens quite often, like when you’re driving down the road and minding your own business then you suddenly get startled by a motorcycle zipping past your own car and in between the lanes. You probably get a little aggravated and think hey, that kind of maneuvering must be illegal. Well as of right now, in California it isn’t illegal. Lane-Splitting is still allowed and very much legal in California. Of course just because it’s legal that doesn’t mean it’s without some major discussions and controversy.

The Office of Traffic Safety conducted a recent study that showed that a 53% of Californian’s are aware that lane-splitting is legal. What does this mean? That almost half of the drivers in California think that lane-splitting is illegal, some of these drivers have even went out of their way to block the practice when they see it coming.

Who is to blame for the ignorance about the lane-splitting laws? Well part of it is the lack of aggressively alerting the public as well as no other state allows lane-splitting on their roads.

New lane-splitting rules state:

Motorcyclists can only split lanes as long as they don’t exceed ten miles per hour faster than the cars they are driving between, cars must be going less than 30 miles per hour.

Motorcyclists are having some mixed emotions about the new rules. Some are glad that there are finally some restrictions in place so now that there are stated parameters for being pulled over by police. However, some worry that this might be the beginning of the end, meaning they are afraid of a complete ban on lane-splitting.

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