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Are Cell Phone’s causing more vehicle deaths?

In Santa Cruz, California a forty year old cyclist was killed in a recent accident with a  motorist. The victim was cycling with a small group of  people who say they saw the driver of a Tesla Model S get out of his car holding his cell phone. According to a report the 60 year old man was on the phone when the wreck occurred.

The victim was Josh Alper who was currently a resident of Santa Cruz. According to the report the driver of a Tesla was headed southbound when he suddenly crossed the centerline onto the northbound shoulder and collided with Josh Alper at a high speed!

Josh Alper, sadly, was killed instantly. Josh Alper was currently a resident of Santa Cruz. This is the second fatality accident in Santa Cruz involving a cyclist for 2013. The 2008 safety data from NHTSA (National Highways Traffic Safety Administration) since it is the most recent data available. From 1932- 2008 about, 53,000 bicyclists has died in traffic accidents in the United States! In 2008 alone, 716 cyclist were killed and around 52,000 were injured!

Bicycle accidents are common to cause personal injury. Depending on the accident and the severity of it the accident can cause serious and or permanent damage! Most common injuries would include neck and spine injuries as well as traumatic brain injury which could cause brain damage! So bicyclists and motorists need to be more cautious and have better safety routines.

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