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Weekend Crashes in California

You have got to love that weekend traffic. You try to be safe no matter what you do while driving but sometimes you can’t prevent or escape a traffic accident. The weekends are especially bad for crashes since everyone is either heading home, or heading out to do something fun with the friends or family.

Saturday was particularly busy for the emergency workers in California. There were multiple homes that had to be evacuated on Saturday afternoon. Why? According to the local police, The evacuation happened after a man accidently crashed a vehicle that contained (possible) flammable liquids into his Long Beach home’s garage.

According to Long Beach Police Department, Sgt. Megan Zabel, The man had crashed into his garage around five, thirty that evening at the 4600 block of East 14th Street. She also stated that the vehicle was carrying propane tanks as well as other possible flammable liquids.

Police Evacuate Homes in Garage Crash

The police had the surrounding homes evacuated just as a precaution. It’s hard to tell how long the evacuation would last, at eight o’clock that night the police still were not sure of how long the evacuations would be lasting.

Second Saturday Crash

A vehicle crash is always scary. You never know how bad it is, if you’re passing by, involved, or the emergency workers coming to the scene. I think everyone could agree that a hit and run is probably one of the worst incidents. How could anyone just leave the scene after harming someone?

According to the Los Angeles police, the investigation went underway for the driver of a hit and run incident. The driver fatally struck a woman after she was actually hit by another vehicle. This was in the Harvard Park neighborhood which is in South Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Police Department Officer, Michael Pazzula, said that the female victim had been crossing the street at the time of the incident. She was crossing near West Florence and La Salle avenues as she was struck by the vehicle at ten after eight at night.

Officer Pazzula said that the fatally struck woman had fell down just before being hit by a second vehicle. It’s unclear if the woman was at the crosswalk or not though.

Woman Fatally Struck

Sgt. Green said that whoever was the driver of the first vehicle, did the right thing by stopping to help the injured woman. However, the driver of the second vehicle fled. They described the car as a dark sedan. Sadly, the woman was unable to be helped and was pronounced dead at the scene of the incident.

On Sunday, the authorities released the information about the injured lady. She was forty-one years old. They say she died after being hit by two vehicles on a dimly lit street. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office was able to identify the woman as Ruth Duarte.

Saturday Morning Crash

Of course, weekend crashes do not just happen midday or late night, they also happen early morning. One person was arrested on Saturday morning after there was a single-vehicle crash that happened on the 60 Freeway in the Avocado Heights area. The crash, sadly left one man and one woman dead, according to the police.

According to Officer Tony Polizzi from the California Highway Patrol, just before three o’clock in the morning, a vehicle had veered off the left side of a connector road from the Eastbound 60 Freeway to the 605 Freeway and then crashed into a tree.

The vehicle that crashed carried four people inside. Of the four people, two of the people were pronounced dead at the scene according to the investigating officer.

The California Highway Patrol said that luckily the other two occupants of the vehicle survived the crash. However, the condition of the two survivors wasn’t immediately known.

The police also stated that one of the survivors was arrested at the crash site. However, it’s unclear of what the charges he or she faced.

From the sound of this crash it sounds like drugs or alcohol might have been a factor? It’s very early morning and then someone gets arrested on a weekend, usually means someone was having a little too much fun.

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