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Local Business Gets Crashed Into

Monday traffic is horrible. Especially around the holidays. The weather hasn’t been the best in most areas which make people grumpy or makes those morning travels a little harder. On Monday, a car crashed into a local Buena Park business. This was after the vehicle had already collided with another vehicle. According to the authorities, both of the drivers were injured in the crash.

According to Cpl. Andy Luong from the Buena Park Police Department, the car crash happened around one o’clock in the afternoon. The crash happened in the 7900 block of Commonwealth Avenue.

Car Crash Into Local Business Sends Drivers to Hospital

The impact of the crash between the two vehicles had sent one of the vehicles into the side of a building, according to Cpl. Luong. He also said that the drivers, luckily, suffered from some non-serious injuries. Police do not believe drugs or alcohol were factors in this car crash.

Some NEWS footage of the scene showed that the car that went into the business was a black Mercedes-Benz. The business was one that offered clothing alterations.  The building had to be red-tagged by the city inspectors later that day.

It’s hard to tell what happened, but hopefully it wasn’t due to drugs or alcohol. It’s horrible that this crash happened, luckily no one was hurt, but now a  local business has to be shut down for repairs due to someone else’s mistakes. This day and age people can’t afford to be closed down, especially around Christmas. Hopefully this local business owner doesn’t suffer too much from being temporarily closed down, but let’s face it most people would not do so well with their business closing. Hopefully the community can help out or something until the store can be re-opened.


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