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Former News Tech Dies in Bicycle Accident

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld killed in Bicycle Accident

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld was an avid cycler. He was also a former business reporter and columnist for “The Dallas Morning News”. Tom died on a Sunday evening from injures he sustained in a traffic accident while he was riding his bicycle not far from his Connecticut home.

Tom’s wife, Kayte Steinert-Threlkeld, said that she was notified on that Sunday afternoon that Tom had been taken to the hospital. Kayte had grown accustomed to the broken collar bones as well as fractured fingers that came with Tom’s love for the sport, she initially had no idea how “horrific” his injures were.

Kayte said that the case is still being investigated as a homicide. A report said that two vehicles were involved in the accident. Officials with the Police Department were “unavailable” for a comment.

Tom was 59 years old had his name legally changed from Threlkeld before he married Kayte Steinert in 1977. Tom was described as a prolific writer and a thoughtful editor.

Tom worked for “The New” from late 1980’s until the mid 1000’s. He largely covered technology issues in mid ’93, he crafted one of the most ambitious business news projects in the history of “The News”…a 15 story package spread over several days called: “EDS: The Next Horizon.”

Editor of “The News”, Bob Mong said that “We were so privileged to have Tom on our staff. Often in at 4:30 a.m. and out whenever his last story was filed. Technology was his life.”

A fellow business news worker said that she remembered “TST” as a brilliant reporter, he was able to “take very complex technology issues and write them in away that’s understandable to people like me.”

Before joining “The Morning News” Tom worked at “Fort Worth Star-Telegram.” Tom was born in New Jersey. In addition to his wife, Kayte he is survived by their two children, Zachary who is 26 and Shane who is 23.

Tom fell in love with cycling about 20 years ago. When knee problems ended his day as a runner. Kayte says that “He got on the bike and never got off.” He also logged more than 140,000 miles cycling since he started keeping track.

Tom’s final bike ride came Sunday. He usually rode 70 miles on the weekend and would have been in the home stretch, he was about 15 miles from home at the time of the accident according to his dear wife, Kayte.

A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday at Cobb’s Mill Inn which is a local restaurant near the family home in Weston, Connecticut.

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