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Orange County Dog Bites

Child bitten By Dog in Orange County

A dog bite can happen anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately the majority of dog bites happen to young children. Could this be because they reach first and it scares the dog? Or are bite prone dogs being allowed around children too often?

Sadly a four year old little boy had to be hospitalized after a dog bite incident. According to the Orang County Sheriff’s office, the dog was reported as a pit bull.

The little boy had lacerations to his forehead, nose, his right cheek and just behind his left ear. Sounds like the dog was going for his head. According to Lt. Kenneth Taylor, the little boys injuries luckily aren’t life threatening.

The attack happened in the 13000 block of Turtle Marsh Road, which is in the Hunter’s Creek area. According to the reports, the mother of the little boy had invited her boyfriend over. The pit bull belongs to the mother’s boyfriend.

As the mother and her boyfriend was in the living room the dog went into the little boy’s bedroom and bit him. According to the officer, the little boy was asleep. Which is odd. Why would a dog just go find a little boy and decide to bite him?

Animal services officials had to be notified and they placed the dog under a ten day quarantine. They also added an option for euthanasia with the owner’s consent.

This wasn’t just about the dog though, allowing a strange animal into your home and allowing it to seek out your child required the child abuse detectives to be involved

Orange County Dog Bite

Police officers work with dogs quite often. Usually the dogs are there to help save lives, however that isn’t the only type of dogs police encounter and that’s not always the case.

According to reports, a police officer was bitten on her hand and forearm when she was answering to a report of an animal complaint. Luckily she had a glove on her hand. The reports came in around noon on that Thursday day.

According to the reports, Officer Sally Collazo answered the call about an injured dog that was located at 510 M&M Road. Officer Collazo tried to help the mixed breed dog with the help of a City of Middletown animal control officer. However during her attempt to help the dog she ended up being attacked. After the attack the injured and scared animal ran into the woods.

Officer Injured From Bite Incident

Officer Collazo had to be treated for the bite at the scene by an Volunteer Ambulance personnel. She was treated and then released from the Orange County Regional Medical Center.

The officers made a search for the injured dog. After the joined forces from the City of Middletown Animal Control and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office they were able to find the injured dog. They caught the dog and removed it from the woods. They ended up taking the animal to the local animal clinic where it could be treated and evaluated.

The police will try to get a town court order so that they can have the dog tested for any “infectious diseases”.

Adopted Dog Bites Owner

When you adopt a dog from an animal shelter you want to save that animal’s life. You fall in love and think that this will be their forever home. However, sometimes when you adopt a dog there’s always a chance that, that lovable animal has some real issues. You just have to know how to deal with them, and some issues can’t be dealt with.

A dog who got adopted recently from the Lake County animal shelter has sadly bit it’s new owner.

According to reports, the dog’s name is Heaven. Heaven was also known to be aggressive before being adopted. The incident called for deputies to come out to a call of a dog bite incident.

Owner, Matt Waldron said that Heaven had bitten him. Waldron said Heaven bit his arm and left a puncture mark. Apparently Waldron was giving Heaven “verbal punishment” for going to the bathroom in the house.

Director of Human Safety, Brian Sheahan’s  Statement:

Dog behavior is a tricky thing. Every dog reacts to different stimuli and different environments, and there are different triggers.

Unfortunately Heaven hasn’t had much of a chance to settle in since Waldron said that he had adopted Heave on Saturday. Heaven is a pit bull mix. Sadly, Heaven has snapped at Waldron and his child.

According to Waldron after Heaven had bitten him he wasn’t able to get near the animal again. It was snarling and growling after the bite.

Luckily the responding officer recognized the dog from the animal shelter and knew to proceed with caution. Sadly when the officers arrived the dog was found tied up and was abandoned at a home.

Once the animal was in the shelter’s care there were three separate assessments done to see about the dog’s aggression. Even though the shelter was concerned about the aggression issues the shelter claimed that Heaven was adoptable. The shelter never warned the new family about Heaven’s aggressing issues

Sheahan’s Statement:

One of the things we’ve already implemented as of yesterday is ensuring that every adopted animal, whether it’s a rescue or an individual, (includes) a complete animal history with the adoption.

After finding out about Heaven’s aggression history he no longer wanted to keep Heaven. So, Heaven was taken back to the Lake County Animal Services.

The shelter took Heaven back, even though the adoptee signed the shelter paperwork that states that the new owner is accepting all risks, even bites.

Sheahan’s Statement:

We do our best to assess them and make sure they’re safe to the public.

In Orange County all new adopters are required to sign a waiver that acknowledges that they are aware of all the new pet’s behavior issues.

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