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Car Crash Kills A Pedestrian Man

A car struck and killed a pedestrian man in the El Cajon Area on Thursday March 14. The impact from the crash shattered both of the car windows and crumpled the roof of the vehicle.

The residents along the Dehesa Road which is just West of Sycuan Casino called 911 around seven twenty that evening after they heard a woman screaming in the road.

When the CHP (California Highway Patrol) Officers arrived they found that the man was dead. He was identified as a forty-three year old, El Cajon resident.

The California Highway Patrol Officials said that the seventy-three year old driver and her eighty-two year old male passenger may have been coming from the nearby casino. They received some bruises to their hands and face. When the NEWS crews wanted to talk to them, they didn’t want to talk.

At the time of the crash, there was no street lights around and it was extremely dark. When asked if that could have been a factor in the accident, CHP said it might be a possibilty. However, the man was walking in a traveled portion of the roadway. Investigators has ruled out the use of drugs or alcohol for the driver, however they couldn’t say the same for the victim.

California Highway Patrol Sgt. Jim McNamara Stated:

He again lives in this exact vicinity so what he was exactly doing we’re not sure but based on the evidence we suspect he was within the roadway at the time of the collision.

While the California Highway Patrol was investigating the accident, the traffic along the Dehesa Road was delayed for a while.

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