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Personal Injury from A Silent Killer

Personal injury can result from many different circumstances, but severe injury from substance that can’t be seen, tasted, or smelled is particularly frightening. Known as the “Silent Killer,” the Centers for Disease Control estimate that 500 people a year die in the United States because of carbon monoxide poisoning and an additional 15,000 make trips to the hospital for related injuries. It is completely imperceptible by human senses, requiring special care when around devices known to emit it, such as motor vehicles, heaters, and kitchen stoves. In most instances, exposure to carbon monoxide is the result of a defective product or another person’s negligence.

While most carbon monoxide poisoning cases occur in a household setting, the workplace also can prove to be a source of such an incident. The following story relates just such an incident where workers have suffered personal injury in the workplace.

Unseen Killer in North Carolina

One person died and 16 others were hospitalized when they were exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide in a packing facility in North Carolina.

Emergency responders found two workers unresponsive in what was initially reported as a gas leak at a farm reported an assistant chief of fire and rescue.

Also overcome by the toxic gas were four bystanders who stopped to help and 11 personnel with the sheriff’s office, local emergency management services, and local fire departments.

Officials said the two workers were found inside a refrigerated packing house where fruits and vegetables are stored. One suffered cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at a local medical center. The other was airlifted to another hospital in unknown condition.

The rest were taken to medical facilities with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning including vomiting and dizziness. The assistant chief said all the first responders were treated and released, but he was unsure of the conditions of the bystanders.

Representatives of the N.C. Division of Occupational Safety and Health were dispatched to the scene to determine the cause of the leak, he said.

“We assume the leak was inside the unit,” investigators said. “We don’t know the cause or where it came from or why.

“We monitored the (carbon monoxide) levels once we got there, and the highest reading we got was 1,000 parts per million. That’s highly concentrated for a CO level. The levels were so high that they didn’t have to be inside the facility to receive exposure.”

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