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Pickup Truck Crashes

A pickup truck is a pretty common mean of transportation. A crash can happen at any moment of any day. You hear about some weird situations. A pickup truck crashed into an apartment building in Oxnard. This happened on a Monday afternoon. Sadly two children were injured in the crash and are in critical condition.

There was a two year old little girl and an eight year old little boy pinned under the truck after it crashed into the children’s bedroom. The kids are in critical condition from their injuries.

The driver of the truck had to be transported from the crash scene and was listed in critical condition. He was later found in stable condition.

Children Injured in Crash

There was a sixteen year old girl also in the apartment at the time of the crash. She only  had minor injuries, thankfully.  A pregnant woman saw the crash, she was taken to the local hospital for observation after she hyperventilated.

The firefighters were called to the 1600 block of California Street around 4:30 in the evening.

According to Ventura County Fire Department spokesman, Mike Lindbery, there was a half ton pickup truck that went all the way into the building. Several neighbors rushed to help.

Junior Nunez Statement:

I noticed he wasn’t stopping and I said he’s not going to stop so me and a neighbor who lives in one of these house just started running and trying to help.

A commander with the Oxnard Police Department, Randy Latimer said that the driver had to be cut out of the vehicle due to entrapment. Thank goodness for the fast efforts of the people who were on scene.

There is an investigation going on to determine if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash.

Multiple Injuries in Truck Crash

It’s so sad when people get injured in a crash, especially when Children are harmed. According to recent reports about a recent crash, five people were injured when a truck smashed through an Oxnard apartment building.

The crash happened rather early in the evening around, 4:25 p.m. and in the 1700 block of Gisler Avenue. The witnesses say that the truck that plow through the building was going about 60-70 miles per hour. The truck actually plunged 15 to 20 foot into a nearby apartment.

The locals say that two children were sadly trapped in the rubble. Luckily they pulled them out.

Junior Nunez Statement:

I saw the little girl on the floor and I got the little girl out for the house.

According to the reports, the paramedics had to take an eight year old little boy and a two and a half year old little girl to the hospital due to their serious injuries.

There was a sixteen year old girl by the scene who is pregnant who had to be taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

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