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3 People Attacked by Pit Bull

In Lancster, California three people were attacked by their own pit bull on Monday. The incident occured int the victim’s home which was on the 4500 block of 3rd street.

Two women and one man were rushed to the hospital after their pit bull attacked them. The conditions of the victims have not been released yet.

One of the owners of the pit bull stated how shocking and unexpected it was that the dog attack. The dog suddenly went wild. The owner said that he and one of the victims were walking into their living room when the dog just flew past him and jump up, then bite the woman for no apparent reason.

He tried to help the woman by “punching” the pit bull. However, the dog would not let go. The man then panicked and ran outside to retrieve a baseball bat. When the man came back inside the dog was then attacking his wife’s roomate, the pit bull was even dragging her across the living room! The man then started beating the pit bull in the head with the baseball bat.

Deputies finally arrived and ended up killing the pit bull. They killed the dog by shooting him. It remains unknown what made the dog snap and attack everyone. This happened on December 30, 2013.

Pit Bulls have a bad reputation for attacking. Pit Bulls are said not to “let” go when they bite. They have enormous jaw strength and the have what is called a “hold and shake” bite style which is designed to inflict as much damage as possible to their victims.

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